RMK STUDIO: Brand Story – the Story of a Dream

The history of the Design Studio "RMK STUDIO" is a story of a Dynasty of three generations of women's dressmakers, who have accumulated unique experience carefully transmitted from generation to generation.

The devotion and love to sewing art, absorbed since childhood, diligence, attention to details, and the desire to reveal creative potential resulted in creating by Miss Alla Fedorova, fashion designer, the Design Studio of high fashion "Sable Furs Couture".

"RMK STUDIO" view as its Mission the task − to elevate the sable tailoring to a Pedestal of the highest elite art, comparable with the classical traditions of jewelry and watch-making.

Piece manufacturing, the uniqueness of each product of fur coat, its rare or unique hue, the most elite sets of Barguzin-region`s Sable (Martes zibellina princeps) , jewelry-level quality in every detail — all those components are lovingly put together so that each coat from RMK STUDIO becomes a "diamond" of your wardrobe from the collection of the "Sable Furs Couture" line.

Jewelry-level quality in every detail, the uniqueness of each product, refined luxury available to the elite — you are welcome to the world of the most elite fur — Barguzin Sable (Martes zibellina princeps) from "RMK STUDIO".

We have combined all those principles together in order to introduce the uniqueness of each sable fur coat for the most demanding customers at the highest level.

Aiming to stay ahead of the Zeitgeist, the new FALL WINTER 2020/2021 Сollection of the Sable Furs Couture line embodies a harmonious combination of elegance, sophistication and impeccable luxury.

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