Answers to popular questions - RMK LLC in Moscow

Do you have Parking?
— Yes, our Parking is free, the entrance is to the right of the business center. Do not forget to order a car pass in advance by phone on the website
What will happen if I don't like the finished fur coat?
— Our company fully assumes all risks for the final result of sewing a fur coat. In this case, we offer you a choice of options:
  • making all necessary adjustments to the finished fur coat at our expense;
  • exchange the product for a similar one;
  • return the product within 14 days.
Do you accept orders from other cities?
— Yes, remote tailoring for our Studio – standard practice, we deliver worldwide as ready-made fur coats from our both and individual remote tailoring.
Do you have an installment plan?
— Yes, we have an interest-free short-term installment plan for up to 3 months with the storage of fur coats at this time in our salon.
Do you sew only from sable? Do you have marten or other furs?
— Yes, our specialty is only Barguzin sable.
How can you tell if it's a real sable?
— If you see gray hair on the fur (white hairs with small inclusions), you can be sure that this is a natural sable, since the marten never has gray hair and it is impossible to fake it. If the fur is completely without gray hair, the sable can be distinguished from the marten by the softness of the hair - in the marten it is rough, hard, and in the sable it is soft as silk.
How long is the fur coat warranty valid?
— We provide a 3-year warranty on all our fur coats.

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