455 000 ₽


Аvailability: В наличии

Sizes: 40 / 42 / 44 / 46 / 48

Fur coat length: 60 см

Sleeve: Полный

Collar: Английский

The shape of the collar: Широкий Английский

Sable type: Баргузинский соболь

Degree of gray hair: 0-1

Sable shade: Dark Coffee
*Other custom sable colors can be selected here

Skin layout: Горизонтальная

Advantages of this sable fur coat:

Стильная, яркая и броская модель данной шубы - приталенная косуха. Темный кофейный оттенок натурального соболя идеально подойдет брюнеткам и обладательницам карих глаз. Данная шуба - идеальный вариант для автоледи, удобная, легкая и теплая, она прекрасно подойдет как под классический гардероб, так и под спорт-шик.

Own production
We have organized a piece production of sable fur coats at the highest level, so that you can enjoy the impeccable quality of Your sable fur coat for a long time.
The uniqueness of each created fur coat
Each fur coat created by us is truly unique and unique, just like you. A rare shade of sable and its gray hair, a unique style of fur coat – this is what a sable Furs Couture coat means.
Certificates, warranty
We provide certificates, documents and a guarantee for each fur coat to keep You calm.
Payment by card
We accept payment by card on the site, So that you can be comfortable and safe with us.
Delivery as a gift
Free delivery in Moscow and Russia, we also deliver all over the world to make it convenient for you.


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